With Holdeed you can start! Finally, a working platform for order management, time management, documentation and work reports that everyone can handle.


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Mastering digitization

The first app that is precisely tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). So that they can master the challenges of industry 4.0 and digitization like the big ones.

We are pleased that you are visiting our site. Have you ever wondered where your company might lose the most money?

Probably on the construction site or in the field!

Your processes in the office are probably optimized well enough. What is often missing is a similar optimization "outside" - where your company generates the profit.

Fortunately, there is holdeed now:

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Connected at any time

Holdeed is a management software and associated app. It was developed especially for the requirements of construction companies and companies with field service.

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To let you know what happens

A platform that allows the company to be directly connected to its employees at all times. In the office, the web-based administration program, which is in constant contact with the app.


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The project manager always knows the status of his projects and employees. He can create orders in the administration program, plan tasks, divide tasks, e.g. assign service engineers to a customer and much more.

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Easy to use

An easy-to-use app is available to the employees outside. They can view order lists, record times and expenses, create reports and much more.

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Up to Date

Head office and teams can communicate with each other directly from the app. Everyone is up to date on their tasks and project news.


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Sorted and secured

With Holdeed, every task of any project, large or small, is fully planned, documented and under control.


When will you discover the potential of this unique construction program?

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When are you going forward the next step to the future?

For what unnecessary paperwork and administrative effort, when it is much easier and less costly to do

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Freequently Asked Questions

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  • Due to the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the systematic recording of time, which came into binding on 14 May 2019, we consider it our duty to offer all companies that use Holdeed the opportunity to become thoroughly familiar with our system. We think it is important to be able to test our system carefully. Employees and companies should see that there are solutions which are quite affordable and not connected with additional paperwork. 

  • At the end of the free trial period, the company accounts will be frozen. You will be able to continue using our service for a fee. All data will be stored.

  • No the service is not automatically charged. You can decide for yourself whether you want to continue using our service for a fee. Until 2020 you will not be asked to deposit any payment method. 

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ECJ ruling: Is the time-punch clock coming now?

More bureaucracy? Definitely not with Holdeed!

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Die Digitalisierung erreicht auch kleine und mittlere Unternehmen aus dem Handwerk..........

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