It couldn't be easier ...

Holdeed is the only software for the construction industry that allows companies to connect directly with their employees at the field or at any time. This is achieved by a simple to use app, the functions of which are described in more detail here.

The functions for creating, assigning and documenting tasks are very useful in the craftsman and construction app. When a service technician or field worker gets in touch with the smartphone on which Holdeed is running ...

Then a new task has probably just arrived which the company or the project manager has assigned to the employee via the administration program. The smartphone calls...

The employee checks in and sees what needs to be done - the project, the task, the description, the location - and can start a timer as soon as he starts with the task itself or with the drive to the customer.

Open Tasks

In addition to the assigned tasks, there are also open tasks, such as projects that are being worked on daily. Here the employees document their work;

working times are recorded automatically.


Documents can be attached to each task. These can be delivery notes, material orders, photos, videos or plans that help the employee complete his tasks.

Advantage: Company-related files are no longer stored on the private mobile phone but are sent directly to the company's cloud without local storage. Only logged users can view them.

Tasks give me tasks!

In some situations, it is important that employees can create tasks themselves. Not only when the project manager is on the road, but also proactively when the project requires it.

The advantage of these self-created tasks is that they are created simultaneously in the company's management system and calendar. This is what we call complete work planning!


Simply genius ...

Our construction and craftsman app also provide optimal support in the case that a new employee is added. The task does not have to be created a second time;

the employee can check in directly to the same task.

The daily supporter

And we also thought of this when we developed our software for the construction industry:

With the help of the freely positionable task companion, you can quickly and conveniently switch between tasks or projects.

And if you don't have your mobile phone with you, you can also easy add a post check-in


What applies to tasks also applies to projects. An overview of the functions of the Construction-App Holdeed in the area of task and project management:

  • Notifications for Tasks / Projects
  • Accept tasks
  • Document work
  • Automated time recording
  • Documents on tasks and projects
  • Create tasks yourself
  • Delegate tasks
  • Quickly switch between tasks
  • Add working time later
  • Mark tasks as completed

Further useful functions of our construction and field service app

On the field service app, the system automatically generates a report after each check-out. The company and the project manager can access it at any time and check the work of the employees.

Time and task can be subsequently edited in the case of an incorrect entry. Documents can also be subsequently uploaded for a task.

Tasks that the employee has marked as completed are transferred to the company's administration tool, which now (much earlier) has all the information required for invoicing.

Daily reports are created automatically. All daily and monthly activities can be viewed here. A good tool for checking and clarifying facts in the event of customer queries.


Every employee has his or her own profile. Interesting information such as work performance and time spent on projects can be viewed among the employees.

Enough with waiting times ...

Tasks are also displayed in the calendar. This makes it very easy to keep track. You can also check in directly to the assigned task from here.

Personal appointments or internal company events are also displayed in the calendar. You can join or cancel an event via the registration function.

The all-rounder!

Holidays, absences, sick leave, hourly account

The construction site app can also be used to request vacation and absence days, the requests are sent to the responsible person in the company, the employee immediately receives notification of the decision. For sickness notifications, a function is also integrated where the company can select the period from which payment is to be expected.

The hours account is synchronised with each activity carried out, because it is also linked to the management program; it is updated after each check-out or post-check-out

Actual and target time are charged monthly. This means that the employee always has an overview of his working times. Manipulation attempts are automatically reported to the administration.

And finally, our app for companies in the fields of building construction, civil engineering and ancillary construction can also display news from the company in the News section. So, you are well informed.

Functions management program

Holdeed, the craftsman and construction software, consists of two components, the administration program as well as the associated app. Here we take a closer look at the functions of the management program.

The administration program of the craftsman software is located in a secure cloud. It can be opened conveniently via the browser on any PC, in the office or simply on the go via notebook, tablet or smartphone. The app is typically installed on the smartphones of employees outdoors.

The app and the administration program communicate continuously with each other. The apps are conveniently controlled via smartphone and the administration program of Holdeed's construction software is used from the office.


Project Manager

To guarantee the privacy of company information, project managers use their own cloud, where they only have access to the projects assigned to them.

You control with it:

  • The work scheduler
  • The orders
  • The tasks
  • The division of the service technicians
  • The sending of messages to the construction app
  • The project analysis
  • The coordination of their projects
  • The tasks so that they can be passed on for invoicing

On the dashboard, the project managers have all the important information at hand, such as the number of employees on the task, the tasks to be checked, the number of projects currently being worked on.

In instant time, project managers know the current status of individual projects and tasks and can change the current status with just one click. Stakeholders in the company always know what's going on and then process the information further. In live mode, they can see directly on which task, how long and where employees are currently working.

Which meetings or Absences are currently pending? In the calendar with the integrated alarm system, project managers are instantly informed of all project-related inquiries from employees and their messages.


A work scheduler who sets new milestones in the construction industry

In the work scheduler, you enter tasks from anywhere and at any time. Enter all the information an employee needs and send the task.

The employee receives a message on his or her app about a newly received task and can check in directly to the task.

The work planner of our software for the construction industry has been specially developed for service installers and field staff worldwide.

  • Monthly, weekly or daily overview of all employees
  • Automatic recording of absences, sickness notifications and absences in the system
  • Status changes are displayed live
  • Order dispatch within a few seconds
  • Direct insight and communication possibility to the current work of the coworkers

 As soon as a task or a service order has been successfully completed, you have all the necessary information directly in the office and can immediately create the invoice without detours!

Plan projects and tasks cleanly - and don't lose money anymore

With the live connected project overview you keep the overview at any time. Calculations and post-calculations are a thing of the past.

Unscheduled changes crystallize immediately.

If, for example, you define the accounting method for directorial work for a task, you can see exactly when directorial work was carried out on your project.

You can see which employees performed these tasks. With just one click you get to the completed task and have collected all the information in one place.

Tasks are the heart of our software for construction, crafts and companies with a field service.

No matter whether assigned tasks or tasks that are open to everyone: Here you will find

everything that is necessary for the accounting, proof and documentation of the task.

With a lot of know-how and passion we have adapted this aspect exactly to your needs.

Hours, reports, order and delivery notes, discussions, pictures and documentation

are listed separately by each employee.

Check-in and check-out can be viewed at any time. In addition, you receive detailed statistics for each task.

With one click you can export and invoice a task!


Unique employee overview - Every day is documented in detail

With our employee overview, we have developed something that has never existed before in this form. Select an employee ... you can already see at a glance:

  • The employee's working time on a daily or monthly basis
  • The current hours account with overtime, target and actual time
  • How much time the employee needed for which task
  • The daily report

If you do not agree with an employee about working times, you can edit them. The employee is notified automatically, and you can clarify the facts together.

All data for archiving and delivery can be exported monthly or annually.


Absence planner, news and documents

Employees can use the app to request vacation, absences and appointments during working hours. You can accept or reject requests in the administration tool.

The employee's hourly account is adjusted automatically and correctly.

In the News section, you can send messages from the company to the app as if on a blackboard - so that employees in outside are also immediately informed about news.

Whether expenses, receipts, delivery notes or order slips, you can create your own project-related categories for documents. This way, your employees will automatically classify all documents into the correct category.

Prevent long waiting times or incorrect filing of documents in the craftsman software!


Mastering digitization

The first app that is precisely tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). So that they can master the challenges of industry 4.0 and digitization like the big ones.

We are pleased that you are visiting our site. Have you ever wondered where your company might lose the most money?

Probably on the construction site or in the field!

Your processes in the office are probably optimized well enough. What is often missing is a similar optimization "outside" - where your company generates the profit.

Fortunately, there is holdeed now:

Connected at any time

Holdeed is a management software and associated app. It was developed especially for the requirements of construction companies and companies with field service.

To let you know what happens

A platform that allows the company to be directly connected to its employees at all times. In the office, the web-based administration program, which is in constant contact with the app.



The project manager always knows the status of his projects and employees. He can create orders in the administration program, plan tasks, divide tasks, e.g. assign service engineers to a customer and much more.

Easy to use

An easy-to-use app is available to the employees outside. They can view order lists, record times and expenses, create reports and much more.

Up to Date

Head office and teams can communicate with each other directly from the app. Everyone is up to date on their tasks and project news.


Sorted and secured

With Holdeed, every task of any project, large or small, is fully planned, documented and under control.


When will you discover the potential of this unique construction program?

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